Formatting Your Book

To speed the production process, eliminate errors, and successfully reproduce your book at the printer, please follow these guidelines:

Questions or comments regarding these macros should be sent to

AUTHORS: Please read after applying our macro to your book.

The Garamond fonts utilized by our macro are not provided by SIAM and may be downloaded at CTAN.

Mac users please be aware the MathDesign package and Garamond fonts may need to be manually updated to work with our macro. For help, please see the following documentation for TexShop users.

For TexLive users: type the following commands in a terminal window.
    $ wget       Downloads a script for installing additional fonts
    $ sudo texlua install-getnonfreefonts       Installation of script
    $ sudo getnonfreefonts-sys garamond       Installation of the Garamond font using the script

Style Manual

The style manual provides guidelines for SIAM's copyeditors. Authors may find the manual useful in the preparation of their manuscripts.

Indexing Guidelines

Formatting Your Book in LaTeX

It is best if you write your book within the parameters of the macro from the beginning to ensure all packages and fonts work seamlessly. In addition, our macro sets up various environments such as exercises and theorems for your convenience.

Formatting Your Book in Word

While it is not recommended, sometimes it is neccessary to submit your book as a Word document. This page contains detailed instructions on how to format that word document so it produces as little interruption to our production schedule as possible.

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