Publishing Your Book with SIAM

The Book Production Process

The production process is made of up of the following steps:


Final manuscript to SIAM

Transmittal meeting

Schedule prepared and sent to author for approval

Manuscript copy edited (author may be queried)

Manuscript sent to compositor

First proofs to author (will also be proofread at SIAM)

Author changes returned to SIAM

Corrected first proofs to compositor

Second proofs reviewed at SIAM

Corrected second proofs sent to compositor

Final files prepared at SIAM

Book printed and bound


The first step of the production process is to transmit your final manuscript and all necessary ancillaries to the production department. In order to prepare for transmittal, the developmental editor will likely contact you with questions pertaining to details of your book that need to be settled prior to production, such as whether you’d like your photo on the back of the book or what figure you’d prefer for the book’s cover. At the transmittal meeting, the manuscript and ancillary materials are handed over to the book’s assigned production editor and the developmental editor and acquisitions editor answer any questions the production editor or other staff might have about the project.

Shortly after transmittal, SIAM’s production manager will create a production schedule for your book, and the developmental editor will send the schedule to you for your approval. The schedule will include dates on which you will receive proofs from and return proofs to your production editor, so it is crucial that you check these dates and let the developmental editor know if you have any conflicts due to workload, travel, etc. In such cases, the production schedule will be adjusted to accommodate your own schedule or the developmental editor will arrange for proofs to be sent to you at your travel destination, if you agree.

At this point, the copyediting of your manuscript will begin. SIAM has a policy of editing for typographical errors, inconsistencies, and house style; however, the editor will not change the tone or “voice” of your manuscript. You should expect that the production editor will query items that are unclear before making any changes.

After the copyediting stage, your book manuscript will be given to a compositor who will institute the copyediting changes and produce a clean set of proofs. These are the proofs that you will be sent for review. You will receive proofs of the body text of the book, the front matter (table of contents, preface, dedication, etc.), and the cover. Please be aware that at the proof stage only minor changes can be made; no part of the manuscript can be revised or rewritten because doing so would lengthen the production process and increase the cost of preparing the book. You should note that at the same time you are reviewing proofs, your manuscript is also being proofread at SIAM.

The changes that you return to your production editor will be sent to the compositor so your changes can be made, and then your production editor will review the second set of proofs to ensure accuracy. If any further changes need to be made, the compositor will make them and the production editor will review a third set of proofs.

After all changes have been made, the final files of your book will be prepared and sent to the printer for printing and binding. Your finished book will be delivered to SIAM, and you will be sent the number of complimentary copies stipulated in your publishing agreement.


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