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Marketing Your Book

Marketing FAQ

Upon receipt of your manuscript for final review, your acquisitions editor will send you a copy of SIAM’s standard marketing questionnaire. We ask that you complete this questionnaire as carefully and thoroughly as possible because we use it to create marketing copy and develop a promotional plan for your book. Our intent is to give your book international visibility and distribution. This chapter will give you an overview of the various ways SIAM markets its books.

Book Promotions

Our promotions (e.g., brochures, flyers, and announcements) usually advertise new books and related backlist publications. Major promotions are done at least three times each year to all SIAM members and nonmember customers who have purchased SIAM books in the past as well as to lists from other societies, publishers, and organizations. The major promotions typically mail to 35,000 to 50,000 domestic and international individuals. Focused promotions are done on a continual basis in the form of conference exhibits, special flyers, textbook promotions to select faculty, individual book flyers to targeted audiences, space ads, postcards, and other efforts aimed at maximizing the visibility of each book.

A section called Inside SIAM is included in SIAM News. This 4-page pullout provides information on SIAM books, conferences, journals, and membership. The page devoted to books features new and forthcoming SIAM titles, along with backlist books that may be of related interest. The page also may include author interviews and related news and offers from the SIAM book program.

SIAM also offers special book promotions and sales several times each year. These promotions have traditionally included Spring and Fall Bookmart (full-color broadsheets featuring new and recent books, inserted into SIAM News and mailed to targeted audiences outside SIAM), the January Book Sale (a 4-page SIAM News insert featuring discounts on many titles on the SIAM backlist), and online sales targeted to SIAM members and students.


Textbook Promotions

Books appropriate for classroom use are heavily marketed to department chairs and to targeted lists for appropriate courses. SIAM maintains a database of more than 4000 math and related department chairs and faculty in the US and around the world. At publication, SIAM will often send letters directly to professors teaching from similar texts to alert them to the book’s availability. Examination copies are provided to department heads and instructors for course adoption consideration. Follow-up letters are sent to determine whether the book has been adopted. Also, SIAM annually publishes a 6-page textbook brochure, which features more than 100 new and backlist textbook titles, arranged by their primary subject category. Our Adoption Discount program offers reduced prices on SIAM textbooks for students who buy an adopted text directly from SIAM.


Print Catalog

Each year a comprehensive, up-to-date catalog is produced and promoted to more than 25,000 SIAM members and individuals who have expressed interest in SIAM books. Copies are mailed to agents and retailers who sell SIAM books and to libraries and department heads that specialize in applied mathematics and computational science.


Online Catalog

If you go to our online catalog you will find categories for New Books and Forthcoming Books. Within these categories you can access information about each of the listed titles. To find books of interest, you can search for books by author, title, and book series, and the Search the Book Catalog feature allows you to also search by key word, order code, or ISBN. Our online catalog is constantly updated to reflect the newest publications as well as to provide customers with access to our backlist.

The homepage of our Web site contains a Book of Interest feature. If you click on the icon, it will take you to a page that has information about the content, author(s), and purchasing for the book shown.  The book that is featured—always a recent publication—changes frequently for maximum exposure. All new SIAM books are featured as a Book of Interest upon publication.


Electronic Advertising

Upon publication, we send announcements of new books to appropriate e-mail bulletin boards and forums  This includes a standard list in addition to places that authors list in their marketing questionnaires.


Space Ads

SIAM runs space ads in our own publications (SIAM News, Unwrapped, SIAM Journals, conference programs, and activity group newsletters) and in appropriate publications of other societies and publishers. Ads are placed based on SIAM’s experience with previous books on similar topics, the target markets for the book, and the author’s suggestions.



With the publication of each SIAM book, we contact agents and e-retailers with key book information, including a content summary, so the book can be added to all appropriate databases and Web sites. We also send a copy of the book to the appropriate technical journals for their book review editor to consider. Copies of all published reviews are sent to the authors, and we often use comments from them in future promotions for a book.  We also compile a Book Alert  email list for readers who have indicated interest in any of our more than 35 specific market categories; upon publication, we send emails to everyone who has indicated interest in the subject categories covered by the new book. Announcements may also be made on SIAM Connect, Unwrapped, and on SIAM Facebook or Twitter media.



SIAM books can be found in campus and technical bookstores throughout the world. We continue to expand the visibility of SIAM books in bookstores through personal contact and major mailings in both the United States and other countries. All SIAM books are also available through, and their content may be searched on



We display our books at our own conferences as well as at conferences sponsored by other organizations, and we advertise in conference programs. We also send books and materials to many smaller, specialized conferences, meetings, and workshops throughout the world. SIAM staff cannot attend all of these conferences, but we arrange to display books and other promotional material along with a price list so attendees can order online or by phone or fax. If an author would like his or her book displayed at one of these small conferences, SIAM will make arrangements with the organizers whenever possible.


Package Stuffers

Most outgoing shipments of books contain flyers and brochures for new publications in similar interest areas.


Partnership with Cambridge University Press

SIAM partners with Cambridge University Press (CUP) to optimize distribution channels, pricing, and service to our members and customers. Since CUP is an established presence in other countries—they have offices worldwide and representatives who call on libraries and bookstores—this partnership insures that our books get maximum exposure outside North America. CUP’s relationship with and ensures that our prices on these sites will be equivalent to domestic prices. SIAM members and nonmembers who live outside North America can save with lower shipping fees, pay in local currency, and receive their orders more quickly.


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