Other Online Booksellers

SIAM is pleased to report that our books are available through many online book sellers, including amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and fatbrain.com.

Please be aware that some online book sellers term a book "out of stock" or "back ordered" when only they themselves are out of stock or back ordered. Some online book sellers may also cite a three to six week delivery time for a SIAM title.

SIAM works very hard not to let books go out of stock, and it is an extremely rare situation that a SIAM book is unavailable. Online book sellers may sell SIAM titles less frequently than "trade" titles and so may not deem it necessary to stock the SIAM books. When a copy is ordered, they in turn order it from us. This explains the longer delivery time cited, or "out of stock" terminology they may use.

SIAM is working to have online booksellers stock SIAM titles that appeal to broader markets, and to shorten the delivery times. As more SIAM titles are sold through online book sellers, we anticipate that this situation will improve.

SIAM members and buyers of SIAM publications benefit either way, by having SIAM products available through a wide variety of outlets, as well as directly from SIAM.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Customer Service or the Marketing Department.

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