PP24 Invited Presentations | SIAM

Invited Presentations

SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (PP24)

Invited Presentations

Maryam Mehri Dehnavi
University of Toronto, Canada
The Power of Less: Harnessing Sparsity for Performance Optimization

Bronson Messer
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.
Frontier: The World’s Most Powerful Computer for Science

Simon McIntosh-Smith
University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Performance Portability in the Age of Diverse Exascale Architectures

Barry Smith
Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation, U.S.
Prospects for Efficient General-purpose Algebraic Solver Libraries for Multi-node GPU System

Rasmus Tamstorf
Do We Still Need Floating Point Arithmetic?

Ana Lucia Varbanescu
University of Twente, Netherlands
Towards Zero-waste Computing Through Co-design: The Case of Graph Processing

Mohamed Wahib
Riken Center for Computational Science, Japan
Challenges of Scaling Deep Learning on HPC Systems