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SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (DS23)


Workshop Celebrating Diversity (WCD)

This annual event provides a chance for students to listen to technical talks presented by underrepresented minority graduate students. The workshop is intended to accomplish several goals:

  • To send a clear, explicit message of enthusiastic welcome and support from SIAM to members of underrepresented groups. The workshop is deliberately held as part of a regular SIAM meeting so that the participants can combine the experiences of attending a regular scientific meeting and a special occasion dedicated to them.
  • To bring together a mixture of people from different levels of age and professional experience, ranging from undergraduate students to senior scientists.
  • To provide an opportunity for underrepresented minority graduate students to present their research.
  • To provide an informal, comfortable setting (a lunch) where all the students can meet applied and computational mathematicians with a wide variety of jobs in academia, national laboratories, industry, and government.

All registered conference attendees are invited to attend Workshop Celebrating Diversity technical sessions.