Editorial Policy

The SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification publishes research articles presenting significant mathematical, statistical, algorithmic, and application advances in uncertainty quantification, defined as the interface of complex modeling of processes and data, especially characterizations of the uncertainties inherent in the use of such models. The journal also focuses on related fields such as sensitivity analysis, model validation, model calibration, data assimilation, and code verification. The journal also solicits papers describing new ideas that could lead to significant progress in methodology for uncertainty quantification as well as review articles on particular aspects. The journal is dedicated to nurturing synergistic interactions between the mathematical, statistical, computational, and applications communities involved in uncertainty quantification and related areas.

Articles must be written in clear and idiomatic English and must be accessible and of interest to a range of readers in a variety of application, mathematical, and statistical fields. They must contain substantial new results and relate them to the extant literature in a scholarly fashion. Whereas the journal has no formal limits on manuscript length, a paper exceeding 25 journal pages will be published only in the exceptional case that the author has fully justified the length to the referees, associate editor, and an editor. Such cases could occur, for instance, in order to make the work accessible to a broad interdisciplinary audience for review articles.

Submission of a manuscript is representation by the author(s) that the manuscript has not been published or submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere. Papers that have appeared in conference proceedings will be considered only if (i) they are significantly revised and (ii) the previous appearance is explicitly indicated in both the submission letter and a footnote on the first page.


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