Wednesday, June 20
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room 300

Random Methods

Chair: Karen Singer, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
10:00 Markov Chains on Latin Squares
Mark T. Jacobson, National Security Agency; and Peter Matthews, University of Maryland Baltimore County
10:20 Perfect Fractional Matchings in Random Uniform Hypergraphs
Michael Krivelevich, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
10:40 Sums of Independent, Non-Identically Distributed 0,1 Random Variables
Robert B. Feinberg, Baltimore, Maryland
11:00 Two Results on the Bit Extraction Problem
Katalin Friedl, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary; and Shi-Chun Tsai, University of Chicago
11:20 Partial Period Correlation of Interleaved Sequences
Paul J. G. Lothian and Kenneth G. Paterson, University of London, United Kingdom
11:40 An Effective Estimation of System Reliability for an Arbitrary System using Monte Carlo Method
Tsan-Huei Chen and Dar-Biau Liu, California State University, Long Beach

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MEM, 4/10/96