CP17 ~ Monday, May 22, 1995 ~ 7:30 PM

Time Series I

Invariant Manifolds and the Stability of Recursive Filters
Jaroslav Stark, University College London, United Kingdom
Statistics for Topological Properties Relating Attractors
Louis M. Pecora, Thomas L. Carroll and James F. Heagy, Naval Research Laboratory
Locally Optimal Prediction of Nonlinear Systems and Regions of Decreasing Uncertainty in Chaotic Flows
Leonard A. Smith, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
One-Dimensional Map Model of a Dissipative Nonlinear Oscillator
Boris P. Bezruchko, Mikhail D. Prokhorov and Yevgenii P. Seleznev, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
On Generation of High-Dimensional Oscillations from Linear Systems under Chaotic Signal
Alexey A. Kipchatov and Leonid V. Krasichkov, Saratov State University, Russia