MS10 ~ Sunday, May 21, 1995 ~ 2:30 PM

Time-Dependent Perturbations of Dynamical Systems (Part I of II)

Time varying perturbations of dynamical systems can exhibit a qualitative behavior that may differ considerably from the behavior of the nominal, time independent models. These differences can be seen e.g. in bifurcation scenarios, stability behavior, spectral properties, global analysis, and chaotic and other complex limit behavior. The talks in this minisymposium will address perturbed dynamical systems from these points of view and will present an overview over the added complexity in the presence of time varying perturbations, in applications from mathematical biology to physics to control theory.

Organizers: Thomas J. Taylor, Arizona State University and Wolfgang Kleimann, Iowa State University

Spectral Results for Cyclic Systems of Delay Equations
John Mallet-Paret, Brown University
Asymptotically Autonomous Semiflows and Chain Recurrence
Hal Smith and Horst Theime, Arizona State University; and Konstantin Mischaikow, Georgia Institute of Technology
Stability Properties of Forced Quantum Oscillators
Mahesh Nerurkar, Rutgers University, Camden
Invariant Manifolds for Control Flows
Fritz Colonius, UniversitĄt Augsburg, Germany; Wolfgang Kliemann, Iowa State University