MS33 ~ Tuesday, May 23, 1995 ~ 10:00 AM

The N-Body Problem: Recent Progress

The Newtonian N-body problem is a long standing mathematical theme that plays an important interacting role with the larger subject of modern dynamical systems. In this minisymposium, we will present some of the recent results in the study of the N-body problem and related subject in Hamiltonian dynamics. The main topics will be: Periodic orbits and central configurations, integrability, homoclinic phenomenon and global structures.

Organizer: Zhihong Xia, Northwestern University

Central Configuration Estimates in the Planar N-Body Problems
Chris McCord, University of Cincinnati

The other speakers, whose titles will appear in the final program, are as follows :
Zhihong Xia, Organizer
Donald Saari, Northwestern University
Qiudong Wang, Vanderbilt University