MS4 ~ Sunday, May 21, 1995 ~ 10:00 AM

Coupled Oscillators

Coupled nonlinear oscillators have been studied for over three hundred years, dating back at least to Huygens's work on synchronization of pendulum clocks. Yet they continue to be a source of intriguing problems, both because of their rich dynamics and their many applications in science and technology. The speakers will focus on physical problems involving coupled oscillators, with specific applications to statistical mechanics, Josephson junction arrays, electrical circuits, coupled pendula, and laser arrays.

Organizer: Steven H. Strogatz, Cornell University

Coupled Pendula and Discrete Josephson Rings
Steven H. Strogatz, Organizer
Weak Disorder in Oscillator Arrays
Kurt Wiesenfeld, Georgia Institute of Technology
Collective and Individual Motions of Globally Coupled Oscillators
Yoshiki Kuramoto, Kyoto University, Japan
Universality and Chaos in Forced Relaxation Oscillators
Mark Levi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute