MS9 ~ Sunday, May 21, 1995 ~ 2:30 PM

Control of Chaos

Given a chaotic system, it is often desired that chaos be avoided or modified for the system to be optimized with respect to some performance criterion. The speakers will address the question on how can a desired behavior be achieved by making only small controlling perturbations on a chaotic system. Controlled chaotic systems offer the advantage in flexibility in that anyone of a number of different behaviors, chaotic or not, can be stabilized by the small control, and the choice can be switched from one to another depending on the current desired system performance. Relevant theoretical and experimental applications to the sciences and engineering will be presented.

Organizer: Celso Grebogi, University of Maryland, College Park

Targeting and Control of Chaos
Eric J. Kostelich, Arizona State University
Tracking Unstable Periodic Orbits in a Bronze Ribbon Experiment
Ute Dressler, Daimler-Benz Research Institute, Germany
Communicating with Chaos
Scott Hayes, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Controlling Transient Chaos
Tamas Tel, Eötvös University, Hungary