GS97 Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic preliminary program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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Last Updated: MMD, 6/11/97

4/28/97Poster/Monday, June16/5:30 PM H. J. de Haan Cancelled
CP3/Wednesday, June 18/10:25 PM Philip Binning Cancelled
CP11/Wednesday, June 18/4:35 PM Peter Indelman Cancelled
MS5/Monday, June 16 Asnul Bahar Added
MS5/Monday, June 16 Andre Journel Cancelled
CP4/Wednesday, June 18/10:05 Michael Demetriou Cancelled
Poster/Monday, June 16/5:30 PM Sungkwon Kang Moved to CP15
CP13/Thursday, June 19 James Sethian Moved to CP4
MS5/Monday, June 16 James Jennings Added
5/28/97 CP16/Thursday, June 19/9:45 AM Michelle Homp Cancelled
MS7/Monday, June 16 Paul Stoffa Replaced by Mrinal K. Sen as Chair
MS7/Monday, June 16 Brian Kennett Cancelled
MS14/Monday, June 16/4:45 PM Dan Whitmore Cancelled
CP9/Wednesday, June 18/4:15 PM Marco A. Duran Cancelled
CP14/Thursday, June 19/11:25 AM A.R. Verdel Replaces F. ten Kroode as speaker
MS33/Wednesday, June 18/2:45 PM Paul Merz Cancelled
5/29/97 CP7/Wednesday, June 18/10:45 AM Andrei Malevsky Cancelled
Poster/Monday, June 16/5:30 PM Richard Liska Added
6/3/97 CP14/Thursday, June 19/9:45 AM Hugo Hidalgo Cancelled
Poster/Monday, June 16/5:30 PM Hongling Lydia Deng Cancelled
6/10/97 Poster/Monday, June 16/5:30 PM F. Navarro Cancelled
MS19/Tuesday, June 17/11:30 AM R. de Szoeke Cancelled
MS19/Tuesday, June 17/12:00 PM Richard Smith Moved to 11:30 AM
6/11/97 CP16/Thursday, June 19/10:05 Dongxiao Zhang Cancelled
MS33/Wednesday, June 18/2:45 PM Paul Merz Replaced by by Linda Ingebrigtsen

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MMD, 6/11/97