Program Overview

Following are subject classifications for the sessions. The codes in parentheses designate session type and number. The session types are contributed presentations (CP), invited presentations (IP), minisymposia (MS), and poster presentations (PP).

Composite Materials

Bounds for Composite Materials: New Methods and New Applications (MS9)
Composite Materials (CP6 and CP12)
Computational Methods for Composite Materials Parts I and II (MS21 and MS34)
Effective Properties of Nonlinear Composites (MS2)
Fast Integral Equation Methods for Composite Materials (IP6)
Inverse Problems for Composite Media (MS7)
Size Effects in Materials and Structures - Parts I and II (MS15 and MS27)
Properties of Materials with Hierarchical and Fractal Microstructure: Theory and Experiment (MS33)

Granular Materials

Continuum and Discrete Phenomena in Granular Materials - Part I and II (MS14 and MS20)

Liquid Crystals and Polymers

Liquid Crystals and Polymers - Parts I, II, and III (MS25, MS30 and MS38 and CP9)
Polymers (MS26)

Magnetic Materials

Active Thin Films - Parts I and II (MS23 and MS36)
Magnetic Materials (MS5)
Magnetics and Superconductivity (CP10)
Variational Methods - Parts I and II (MS8 and MS31)

Martensitic Transformation and Shape-memory

Martensites and Ferroelectrics - Parts I and II (MS17 and MS29)
Martensite and Shape-memory (CP5 and CP11)
Mathematical Issues in Smart or Active Material Structures and Devices (MS11)
Modeling Materials with Microstructure Using Energy Minimization (IP4)
Modeling and Control Issues on Hysteretic Active Materials (MS4)

Nonlinear PDE from Materials Science

Coarse Graining and Renormalization in Material Diffusion (MS37)
Dynamics and Singular Perturbations in Phase Transitions - Parts I and II (MS6 and MS13)
Nonlinear PDE and Mechanics (CP4)
Plasticity and Viscoelasticity (CP3)

Phase Boundary Dynamics

Coarsening (CP2)
Diffusional Phase Transformations (MS3)
Dynamics and Singular Perturbations in Phase Transitions - Parts I and II (MS6 and MS13)
Mathematical Modeling of Complex Solidification (MS16)
Morphological Evolution in Elastically Stressed Solids: From Equilibrium to Dynamics (IP1)
Motion of Anisotropic Interfaces (MS28)
Moving Interfaces (CP7)
Phase-Field Modeling of Solidification (MS35)
The Role of Microstructure in Contact Line Motion for Liquid Films (MS32)
The Influence of Molten Contact Lines on Growth and Morphology (MS22)


Magnetics and Superconductivity (CP10)
Superconductivity - Parts I and II (MS18 and MS24)
Vortex Physics in Superconductors and NonHermitian Localization (IP5)

Synthesis and Processing

Modeling of Material and Manufacturing Processes (IP3)
Mathematical Issues Arising in the Design of Material Products and Their Manufacturing Processes (IP7)
Mathematical Problems in Glass Processing (MS1)
Pattern Formation in Step-Flow Growth: A Route to Nanofabrication (IP2)
Synthesis and Processing (CP8)

Thin Films

Delamination of Thin Films (IP8)
Stress Effects in Thin Films (MS10)

Variational Problems from Materials Science

Grain Boundaries and Interfaces (MS12)
Nonconvexity, Singular Perturbation and the Analysis of Material Microstructure (IP9)
Singularly Perturbed Variational Problems from Materials Science (MS19)
Variational Methods - Parts I and II (MS8 and MS31)

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