Tuesday, May 21
8:00-10:00 AM
Saanich 2

Methods for Nonsmooth and Nondifferentiable Optimization

A Trust Region Method for Minimization of Nonsmooth Functions with Linear Constraints
Jose Mario Martinez and Antonio Carlos Moretti, State University of Campinas, Brazil
A Line Search for the SNQP Method
Jean Pierre Dussault, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada; and Youssou Gningue,
Laurentian Universite, Canada
Improving the Robustness of Descent Based Solvers for Nonsmooth Equations via Proximal Perturbations
Stephen C. Billups, University of Colorado, Denver
An Interior Point Based Bundle Method for Nondifferentiable Optimization
Alexander L. Hipolito, University of the Philippines; and Donald W. Hearn,
University of Florida
An Affine Scaling Subgradient Method for Linearly Constrained Nondifferentiable Convex Programming
J.B.G. Frenk, J.F. Sturm and Shuzhong Zhang, Econometric Institute Erasmus University Rotterdam,
The Netherlands
A Bundle Bregman Proximal Method for Convex Nondifferentiable Minimization
Krzysztof C. Kiwiel, Systems Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland

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