Tuesday, May 21
12:45-2:45 PM


Convergence Rate of Tapia Indicators in Interior-Point Methods for Degenerate LCP
Jun Ji, Valdosta State University; and Florian A. Potra, University of Iowa
New Applications of Complementarity
Michael C. Ferris, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Algorithms for Monotone Horizontal LCP, Mixed LCP, and Convex Quadratic Programming
Problems with Box Constraints
Jim Burke and Song Xu, University of Washington
A Globally Convergent Inexact Newton-Type Algorithm for the Solution of Large-Scale
Nonlinear Complementarity Problems
Tecla De Luca and Francisco Facchinei, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy
Riemannian Convexity and Complimen-tarity Systems
Tamas Rapcsak, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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LMH, 2/28/96