Monday, May 20
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Oak Bay 1


(Session will run until 12:20 pm)
Data Assimilation in Numerical Weather Prediction Using Optimal Control
Nancy K. Nichols and Anne K. Griffith, University of Reading, United Kingdom
The Use of MIMO Procedures in Optimal Control
Gerhard Wulff, DLR, Institute of Flight Mechanics, Germany
Optimal Stabilization of Hamiltonian Systems Perturbed by White Noise
James P. Dunyak, Texas Tech University; and Mark I. Freidlin,
University of Maryland, College Park
Improving the Convergence of Multiple Shooting for Certain Optimal Control
Problems with a Quadratic Control Component
Kurt Chudej and Roland Bulirsch, Technische UniversitĄt Munchen, Germany
Continuous Dependence on Controls and Boundary Data for Nonlinear Dirchlet
Problem and Hamiltonian Systems
Stanislaw Walczak, Lodz University, Poland
Invariant Description of Chattering Phenomenon in Control Theory
Arik A. Melikyan, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
On using of H-infinity Control Theory for Solving the Nonlinear Two Mass Problem
Adam Lozowicki, and Marek Durnas, Technical University of Szczecin, Poland

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