Tuesday, May 21
2:45-4:25 PM
Salon B

Progress in Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming

Many practical problems in process synthesis and process optimization lead to mathematical optimization models in continuous and discrete variables with nonlinear constraints. An enormous increase in the capabilities for solving either nonlinear programming problems or mixedinteger linear programming problems has occurred in the last several years. The speakers will discuss recent work to design algorithms and software for solving mixedinteger nonlinear programming problems (MINLP).

Organizer: Gerhard Reinelt,
Universit,t Heidelberg, Germany

Cutting Planes, Revisited
Sebastian Ceria, Columbia University
Generalized Disjunctive Programming Algorithms for Nonlinear Discrete- Continuous Optimization
Ignacio E. Grossmann, M. Turkay, and A. Vecchietti, Carnegie Mellon University
Computational Experiments of an Interior-Point Algorithm in a Parallel Branch-and-Cut Framework
Eva K. Lee, Columbia University; and John Mitchell, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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MEM, 3/18/96