Guidelines for SIAM Poster Presenters

Poster presentations foster the exchange of ideas between the contributor and those who have a specific interest in the contributor's work. Poster presentations enable the presenters to proceed at a pace consistent with the interests of the group gathered around them. Presenters selected for a poster session will be located together in one room and organized in alphabetical order by the presenting author’s last name.

For more information, refer to Sven Hammarling and Nicholas J. Higham's article "How to Prepare a Poster" .

How to Prepare your Presentation

At the Meeting Poster Boards

Poster boards are ordered and rented one month prior to the meeting dates. The rental cost per board, including delivery and installation, is $65. This expense is shouldered by SIAM. However, if a poster presenter cancels his or her presentation without    notifying SIAM at least three weeks before the start of the meeting, the presenter is responsible for paying the rental fee. The presenter should remit SIAM payment of $65.


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