Minitutorial #1

Modelling Arterial Wall Mechanics and Adaption using Structurally Based Constitutive Laws
Organizer: Xiaoyu Luo, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Title: Constitutive Laws for Artery Wall (With Case Study on Optimal Fibre Angle in Iliac Artery)
Speaker: Xiaoyu Luo, University of Glasgow, United Kindgom

Title: Remodelling in Arterial Wall (With Case Study on Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm)
Speaker: Nicholas Hill,  University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Title: Stability of Arterial Wall (With Case Study on Acute Aneurysm Initiation as a Bifurcation Phenomenon)
Speaker: Yibin Fu, Keele University, United Kingdom

Minitutorial #2

Algebra in Life Sciences
Organizer: Carsten Wiuf, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Title: Introduction to Reaction Network Theory
Speaker: Carsten Wiuf, University of Copenhagen

Title: Determining the Steady States of Biochemical Reaction Networks
Speaker: Elisenda Feliu, University of Copenhagen

Title: Structural Identifiability of Reaction Networks using Differential Algebra
Speaker: Nicolette Meshkat, North Carolina State University

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