Meet the 2014 SIAM Leadership

January 23, 2014

Pam Cook, named Unidel Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Delaware in November 2013, took office as SIAM president-elect on January 1.
As of January 1, L. Pamela Cook of the University of Delaware is SIAM's president-elect. Cook served as SIAM vice president for publications in 2012 and 2013 (an appointed position left vacant by her election). A SIAM Fellow, class of 2009, she will begin a two-year term as SIAM president on January 1, 2015, succeeding Irene Fonseca.

The membership also chose several other new officers and board and council members, all taking office on January 1.

Daniel Szyld, a professor in the Department of Mathematics at Temple University, was elected vice president at large, succeeding Nicholas Higham, who had held the position since 2010. Simon Tavener of Colorado State University was elected to a second term as SIAM secretary.

Daniel Szyld

Randall LeVeque of the University of Washington was elected to the Board of Trustees. C.T. (Tim) Kelley of North Carolina State University and Robert Kohn of the Courant Institute, New York University, were elected to the board for second terms; as in 2012, Kelley was elected board chair at the group's December 2013 meeting.

Liliana Borcea of the University of Michigan and Felix Otto of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences were newly elected to the SIAM Council, while Angelika Bunse-Gerstner of Universitšt Bremen and Oscar Bruno of the California Institute of Technology were re-elected to their seats on the council.
Felix Otto
Liliana Borcea

Cynthia Phillips of Sandia National Laboratories, recently appointed vice president for programs, succeeded Sven Leyffer on January 1.

Members of the board and council for 2014, including elected and appointed officers who serve ex officio (*), are:

Board: Kathryn Brenan (Aerospace Corp.), Lisa Fauci (Tulane University), Irene Fonseca* (Carnegie Mellon University), Samuel Gubins* (Annual Reviews), Mary Ann Horn (Vanderbilt University), Tim Kelley, Tamara Kolda (Sandia), Robert Kohn, Randall LeVeque, George Papanicolaou (Stanford University), Jeffrey Saltzman (AstraZeneca), Fadil Santosa (University of Minnesota), and Robert Schreiber (Hewlett Packard Laboratories).

Council: Michele Benzi (Emory University), Liliana Borcea, Oscar Bruno, Angelika Bunse-Gerstner, Pam Cook*, Timothy Davis (University of Florida), Lawrence Craig Evans (University of California, Berkeley), Irene Fonseca*, Thomas Grandine* (The Boeing Company), Andreas Griewank (Humboldt Universitšt Berlin), Samuel Gubins*, Bruce Hendrickson (Sandia), Thomas Hou (Caltech), Rachel Kuske (University of British Columbia), C. David Levermore* (University of Maryland), Felix Otto, Cynthia Phillips*, Simon Tavener*, Daniel Szyld*, Peter Turner* (Clarkson University), and Carol Woodward (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory).

SIAM thanks those whose terms ended in 2013: board member Stephen Wright; past president Nick Trefethen and vice presidents Nick Higham and Sven Leyffer; and council members Margot Gerritsen and Mary Silber.

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