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Red Sock Award

Prize Specifications

Principal Guideline

The Red Sock Award is awarded by the SIAM Activity Group on Dynamical Systems for the best poster presentation in dynamical systems by a student or postdoc at the biennial SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems. Four awards are made at each conference; each award has equal merit. A $100 prize is awarded to each of the four selected. Traditionally a red sock is given the winners as well.


To be eligible, a candidate must be a student or postdoc making a poster presentation at the SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems.


Candidates will have submitted a poster presentation through the normal process for SIAM conferences. No additional application is required to be eligible for the prize.

Prize Committee

Organizers of the SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems will appoint an ad-hoc Prize Committee of judges at the conference. The number of judges shall be commensurate with the number of posters submitted. The judges will remain anonymous until the announcement of the winners. The SIAG officers will seek to ensure a diverse composition of the judges in research area, geography, employment sector (industry, national laboratories, universities), and under-represented groups.

Selection Procedures

The judges will visit the poster presenters during the scheduled event and assign individual scores (on a scale to be determined by the committee) to each presenter for his/her presentation. The Prize Committee will use the individual scores to select the four winners. If a vote is necessary, the selection is decided by a simple majority vote. The committee may select more than four winners in case of a tie.

Description of the Award

The names of the winners will be announced at the conference and each will receive a traditional red sock. The monetary award will be $100 for each winner, to be received after the conference. There will be no prize fund. The names of the winners will be published in appropriate SIAM media.

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