SIAM Activity Group on Imaging Science Best Paper Prize

SIAM Activity Group on Imaging Science Best Paper Prize

Prize Specifications

Principal Guideline

The SIAG on Imaging Science Best Paper Prize established in 2010, is awarded to the authors of the best paper, as determined by the prize committee, on mathematical and computational aspects of imaging, broadly interpreted. Imaging includes image formation, inverse problems in imaging, image processing, image analysis, image interpretation and understanding, computer graphics, and visualization. The prize is awarded every two years.



The paper must be published in English, in a peer reviewed journal, with a publication date in the four calendar years preceding the year prior to the year of the SIAG/IS meeting. (Thus for a meeting in year n, the paper must have a publication year n-5, n-4, n-3 or n-2.)


A nomination consists of a letter stating the paper being nominated and explaining the significance of the work as well as a digital version (e.g., PDF) of the nominated paper.

Prize Committee


The Prize Committee will consist of five members of the SIAG/IS. The SIAG Chair, in consultation with the other officers, will form a list of people to serve on the prize selection committee and will submit the list to the SIAM Vice President at Large for approval prior to inviting the committee members to serve. The SIAG officers will seek to ensure a diverse composition of the Prize Committee in research area, gender, geography, employment sector (industry, national laboratories, universities), and under-represented groups.

Either the Chair or the Vice Chair of the SIAG/IS will serve as chair of the prize committee.


The term of office of the prize committee will be from the date of appointment until the date of the prize award.

Rules of Operation

The SIAG/IS officers and the SIAM office will solicit nominations for the prize from the general membership of the SIAG/IS and from other members of the scientific community, using SIAM office resources as needed.

The prize committee will follow the ‘best practices’ set out in the SIAM document for Selection Committees. The prize committee will follow the SIAM rules for conflict of interest as posted on the SIAM web site.

Selection Procedures

Timeline and Approval Process

The timeline for making the selection is driven by the need to inform the prize winner in sufficient time so that there is a reasonable expectation that the recipient can make arrangements to attend the prize session.

The following guidelines will be used by the SIAG officers, prize committee and administrators:

  • The Prize Committee is formed about 18 months prior to award date.
  • The Prize Committee makes a recommendation to the Vice President at Large about 8 months prior to award date. This will be done with a written justification and a citation not to exceed 25 words that can be used in a certificate and read at the award ceremony.
  • Upon approval by the SIAM Vice President-at-Large, the SIAG/IS Chair or his/her designee notifies the award winner(s) within two weeks of approval, and no later than about 6 months prior to award date.
  • The Selection Committee has the authority to choose to abstain from giving the award if there is no acceptable individual. If the award is not given for this reason, a new selection committee will be selected for the next award cycle.[1]  

Description of Award

Award Type

The award will consist of a certificate containing the award citation. If the paper has multiple co-authors, each will receive a certificate. There will be no cash award.

Award Date

The award will be given every second year at the SIAG/IS conference.

Prize Fund

There will be no prize fund. The cost of the plaques and certificates will be financed by the SIAG/IS membership dues.

Award Presentation

The Chair of the SIAG/IS (or the Vice Chair if the Chair is not available) will present the award at the conference. At least one of the awardees is expected to attend the ceremony and to present the paper as a plenary lecture at the meeting. One of the plenary lecture slots will be reserved at the meeting for this purpose. Travel expenses will be available to reimburse the speaker, as for all plenary lecturers. If there is more than one author, then only one (selected by the authors) will be reimbursed for travel expenses.

[1] An award decision will also be postponed to the next cycle if the number of nominations does not meet the required number to forward to the selection committee. See SIAM Prize Policy for more information.

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