Class of 2010

SIAM Fellows Program. Honor SIAM members who are recognized by their peers as distinguished for their contributions to the discipline. Help make outstanding SIAM members more competitive for awards and honors when they are being compared with colleagues from other disciplines.

Uri M. Ascher | University of British Columbia

For contributions to numerical solution of differential equations and numerical software.

Andrea L. Bertozzi | University of California Los Angeles

For contributions to the application of mathematics in incompressible flow, thin films, image processing, and swarming.

Susanne C. Brenner | Louisiana State University

For advances in finite element and multigrid methods for the numerical solution of partial differential equations.

John C. Butcher | University of Auckland

For developing the foundations of the modern theory of Runge-Kutta methods.

Stephen L. Campbell | North Carolina State University

For contributions to analysis and algorithms for differential algebraic equations.

Tony F. Chan | Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

For contributions to numerical analysis and image processing, and for service to the mathematical community.

Peter Constantin | The University of Chicago

For contributions to the mathematical analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations, fluid dynamics, and turbulence.

John E. Dennis, Jr. | Rice University, Retired, and University of Washington

For contributions to the theory and applications of nonlinear optimization.

Iain S. Duff | Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK and CERFACS, France

For contributions to sparse matrix computations.

Paul Dupuis | Brown University

For contributions to stochastics and control.

Bjorn E. Engquist | University of Texas Austin

For contributions to numerical analysis and multiscale modeling.

John R. Gilbert | University of California Santa Barbara

For contributions to the development and analysis of algorithms for sparse matrix problems.

Michael T. Heath | University of Illinois

For contributions in computational science and engineering, especially parallel computing.

T. C. Hu | University of California San Diego

For contributions to network flows, integer programming, and combinatorial algorithms.

George Karniadakis | Brown University

For contributions to stochastic modeling, spectral elements, and fluid mechanics.

William L. Kath | Northwestern University

For contributions to wave propagation, nonlinear dynamics, optical fibers and waveguides, and computational neuroscience.

Ioannis G. Kevrekidis | Princeton University

For research contributions in chemical engineering, applied mathematics, and the computational sciences.

Barbara Lee Keyfitz | Ohio State University

For advances in hyperbolic conservation laws and the study of shock waves.

Randall J. LeVeque | University of Washington

For contribution to numerical analysis and scientific computing, particularly for conservation laws.

Anders G. Lindquist | KTH - Royal Institute of Technology

For contributions to systems and control.

Steve McCormick | University of Colorado Boulder

For contributions to numerical partial differential equations, especially multigrid and first-order system least-squares methods.

Carl D. Meyer | North Carolina State University

For contributions to theory and applications of linear algebra.

Jorge Nocedal | Northwestern University

For contributions to the theory and practice of continuous optimization.

Yousef Saad | University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

For contributions in numerical linear algebra and its applications.

Fadil Santosa | University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

For contributions to the mathematics of inverse problems and for advancing the application of mathematics in industry.

Robert Schreiber | Hewlett-Packard

For contributions to parallel and high performance computing, and algorithms for matrix computations.

Mitchell D. Smooke | Yale University

For the development of new methods in computational combustion and their application to problems involving hydrocarbon chemistry.

Danny C. Sorensen | Rice University

For contributions to numerical linear algebra, optimization, and model reduction.

Gunther Uhlmann | University of Washington

For contributions to the analysis of inverse problems and partial differential equations.

Frederic Y. M. Wan | University of California Irvine

For contributions to the theory of elasticity and to developmental biology, and for outstanding service to the mathematical sciences.

Michael I. Weinstein | Columbia University

For contributions to the analysis and applications of nonlinear waves.

Olof B. Widlund | Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

For contributions to the theory of domain decomposition methods.