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SIAM Fellows

SIAM Fellows Program. Honor SIAM members who are recognized by their peers as distinguished for their contributions to the discipline. Help make outstanding SIAM members more competitive for awards and honors when they are being compared with colleagues from other disciplines.

SIAM Fellows


Thaleia Zariphopoulou | University of Oxford and The University of Texas at Austin (2012)

For contributions to stochastic control and financial mathematics.

Yin Zhang | Rice University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (2019)

For pioneering and current algorithmic and theoretical contributions in the areas of linear and nonlinear optimization and remote sensing.

Pingwen Zhang | Peking University (2020)

For contributions in complex fluids modeling, multiscale analysis, and adaptive grid computation.

Yongjie Jessica Zhang | Carnegie Mellon University (2023)

For pioneering contributions to computational geometry, volumetric parameterization, isogeometric analysis, mesh generation, image processing, and simulation-based engineering applications.

Hongkai Zhao | Duke University (2022)

For seminal contributions to scientific computation, numerical analysis, and applications in science and engineering.

Xunyu Zhou | Columbia University and University of Oxford (2016)

For accomplishments in stochastic optimization, financial mathematics, and behavioral finance.

Jun Zou | Chinese University of Hong Kong (2019)

For contributions to numerical methods and analyses of direct and inverse problems of partial differential equations.

Kevin Zumbrun | Indiana University (2017)

For his contributions in traveling wave stability and his exceptional mentoring of graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.