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MAA-SIAM-AMS Hrabowski-Gates-Tapia-McBay Lecture

The MAA-SIAM-AMS Hrabowski-Gates-Tapia-McBay (HGTM) Lecture is named after four influential scientists of color: Freeman Hrabowski, President of the University of Maryland at Baltimore County; James S. Gates, University of Maryland, College Park; Richard Tapia, Rice University; and Shirley McBay, Founder and former President of Quality Education for Minorities. This lecture started in 2016 as an activity of the Mathematical Association of America’s Committee on Minority Participation and became a jointly sponsored MAA-SIAM-AMS event in 2018.

Prize Description

Prize Description

The MAA-SIAM-AMS Hrabowski-Gates-Tapia-McBay (HGTM) Lecture is presented annually to an individual who helps to systematically recruit, welcome, encourage, mentor, and support individuals from underrepresented groups in the U.S. Through multiple mechanisms, these sessions expect to facilitate and accelerate the participation of scientists in the building of sustainable communities of mathematicians and mathematical scientists.

Eligibility Criteria

The prize can be presented to any member of the scientific community who meets the general principal guideline of the prize description.

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the 2022 lecturer, Dave Kung! Learn more about his talk at JMM22.

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Prize Details

Prize Details

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About the Award

About the MAA-SIAM-AMS Hrabowski-Gates-Tapia-McBay Lecture

About the Hrabowski-Gates-Tapia-McBay Lecture

The award consists a monetary award of $1,000. Reasonable travel expenses for the lecturer to the award ceremony will be shared by AMS, MAA, and SIAM. In addition, the registration fee for the meeting will be waived for the lecturer.

Award Date

The HGTM Lecture will next be awarded at the 2022 Joint Mathematics Meeting.

Award Presentation

An announcement of the award will appear in Notices of the AMS, the AMS website, SIAM News, the SIAM website, and appropriated electronic media.

Prize History

Prize History


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