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John von Neumann Prize

Prize Specifications

Principal Guideline

This prize, established in 1959, is awarded for outstanding and distinguished contributions to the field of applied mathematical sciences and for the effective communication of these ideas to the community. The recipient will receive a monetary award and will present a survey lecture at the annual meeting.

Prize Committee

The prize committee will consist of the President, the Past President or President Elect, the Vice President-at-Large, and two SIAM members appointed by the President. These members will serve rotating two-year appointments.

The committee should complete the choice of the John von Neumann Lecturer at least nine months before the date of the annual meeting at which the prize will be awarded and at which the lecture will be given.

If the committee reports that no prize can be awarded, then the committee rotation will continue for the next year.

The committee is strongly encouraged to solicit suggestions for nominations from other members of the scientific community.

Selection Procedures


The award can be presented to any member of the scientific community who meets the general guideline of the prize description.

Rules of Operation

The prize committee will follow the ‘best practices’ set out in the SIAM document for Selection Committees. The prize committee will follow the SIAM rules for conflicts of interest as posted on the SIAM web site.


The Executive Committee of the Council must be notified of the final nomination, and the Vice President for Programs must be informed of acceptance by the John von Neumann Lecturer. The nomination must be accompanied by a written justification and a citation of about 100 words that can be read by the President when introducing the lecturer.

Notification of Selection

The President will notify the recipient of the prize not later than six months before the annual meeting and will request the recipient give a general audience review lecture at the annual meeting.

Prize Award Date

The prize is given normally every year at the annual meeting of SIAM. The prize need not be given in years in which no suitable candidate can be found.

Description of the Award

The prize will consist of a $5,000 monetary award.

As noted above the recipient will present the John von Neumann Lecture.

Prize Fund

The fund was started with contributions from IBM Corporation and other organizations. It has been augmented by SIAM.

Award Presentation

The award is presented by the President. The recipient is introduced by the President.

At their June 2019 meeting, the SIAM Board of Trustees changed the title of the prize from The John von Neumann Lecture to John von Neumann Prize.

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