Ordering Information


  • Lists are rented for one-time use only; no part may be copied for re-use.
  • E-mail addresses are not available.
  • Nth selections are NOT available at this time.
  • Please email the purchase order, list criteria, format, mailing list agreement, and a sample of the mailing to the marketing representative.
  • All mailing pieces must be approved by the Executive Director or a designee prior to processing.
  • Please allow 10 business days from the date order is received to date of shipment from SIAM. We will try to accommodate rush orders.
  • Agent discounts will NOT be extended.
  • Orders may need to be prepaid.
  • Note: All selections can be merged and de-duplicated. The following geographic selections are available in the U.S., Canada, or worldwide.

Other Information

Other Information


  • Entire Database: 184,453
  • USA Only: 118,999
  • Outside USA: 65,454
  • SIAM Members (individual): 14,000
  • SIAM Members (Organizations): 500
  • SIAM News Subscribers: 8,000

Basic Rates

  • Members (Individual and Institutional): $235/M
    • Minimum order $250 or 1,000 names
  • Non-Members (Inquiries, Conference Attendees, Book purchasers, etc.): $200/M
    • Rate applies only when "non-members only" is specified.
    • Minimum order $250
  • Conference Attendee List: $250/M
    • Rate applies only to conference exhibits for purchase of that conference attendee list.
  • Additional Selections
    • Any combination of market interest codes, Activity Group members, subscriber lists, and/or conference attendees: $15/M
    • Keycode: $5/M
    • Names Outside the U.S.: add $10/M


  • Email (add $100 transmission fee)
    The postal mailing lists are provided in an Excel file are transmitted to the customer via email. SIAM does not rent email addresses - only postal addresses.

Mailing List Rental Agreement
Mailing List Rental Agreement

Please sign and return the mail list rental agreement. The mail piece will make no claims or implications that the offer or organization is in any way endorsed by SIAM, and should not include the SIAM organization’s name or logo, without prior written approval from SIAM.



Contact Marketing Staff

Please contact the Marketing Representative with your mailing list criteria, preferred format of the list, the date you would like the list, and a sample of the mailing, or for all other inquiries.