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Student Chapter Photo Gallery

2016 Chapter Activities

2016 Certificate of Recognition Gallery

Technische Universität Berlin Chapter Faculty Advisor Volker Mehrmann (Left) awarding
student Benjamin Unger (on the right) with the SIAM Chapter Certificate of Recognition


2014 Chapter Activities

2014 Certificate of Recognition Gallery

David Silvester presenting to Mary Aprahamian, University of Manchester


2013 Chapter Activities

2013 Certificate of Recognition Gallery


Sam Relton (L) receives Certificate of Recognition from University of Manchester Faculty
Advisor Nick Higham (R).


2012 Chapter Activities

AN12 Student Days Power Point Presentation [PDF, 13MB]

2012 Certificate of Recognition Gallery

Joo Sang Lee receiving the certificate of recognition with Faculty Advisor
Adilson Motter from the Northwestern University Chapter along with
other chapter members.


2011 Chapter Activities

2011 Certificate of Recognition Gallery

Katharina Kormann (Chapter President) and Professor
Emeritus of Numerical Analysis Bertil Gustafsson


2010 Chapter Activities

2010 Certificate of Recognition Gallery

Jessica Stigile, Co-President of the Washington University
Chapter of SIAM, receives SIAM Certificate of Recognition
from faculty advisor Hiro Mukai.


2009 Chapter Activities

2009 Student Chapter Photo Slideshow [PDF, 3.7MB]

2009 Certificate of Recognition Gallery

2007-2008 Chapter Activities

2008 Student Chapter Photo Slideshow [PDF, 4.3MB]

2008 Certificate of Recognition Gallery

University of Delaware Student SIAM Chapter
University of Delaware Student SIAM Chapter enjoys a trip to Six Flags
Great Adventure in New Jersey on May 10th with honorary members
Tweety and Sylvester.


Annual Meeting 2006

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First Aces Workshop for Graduate Students
Participants in the First Aces Workshop for Graduate Students in Mathematics at Emory University organized by the Auburn, Clemson, Emory and South Carolina Chapters of SIAM in December 2006.
Participants in the 2nd SIAM Front Range Applied Mathematics Student Conference
Participants in the 2nd SIAM Front Range Applied Mathematics Student Conference organized by SIAM Colorado Chapters at Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver on March 11, 2006.

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