Dr. David A. Field

General Motors Research and Development Center
30500 Mound Road
Warren, MI 48090
Phone: 810-986-1121
Fax: 810-986-9356
E-mail: dfield08@gmail.com

David Field earned his A.B. from Bowdoin College, M.S. from Oakland University, and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. After teaching at the College of the Holy Cross, he joined the General Motors Research Laboratories where he holds the position of Staff Research Scientist. His research interests include numerical analysis, approximation theory, finite element analysis, and mathematics from computer-aided design. A founding member and current president of the Great Lakes Section of SIAM, he co-edited for SIAM two volumes on geometrical and theoretical aspects of industrial design.

Manufacturing, Robotics, and Computational Geometry

This SIAM Visiting Lecture features examples of geometry's dominating influence in the automotive manufacturing process. The lecture begins with the design and manufacture of sheetmetal components that motivated advances in mathematical applications for computer-aided design. After discussing the mathematics developed for the geometric aspects of this manufacturing process, the lecturer examines an application of the same mathematics to robotics. The next topic relates the previous geometric constructions with the analysis of automotive components for fatigue, stress, and strain. The lecture ends with the award-winning videotape "Ballet Robotique."

(In addition to an ability to show a videotape, this lecture requires a 35mm projector and an overhead transparency projector.)

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