Dr. Charles R. Hadlock

Trustee Professor of Technology, Policy, and Decision Making
Bentley College
175 Forest St.
Waltham, MA 02452-4705
Phone: 781-891-2178
Fax: 781-891-2457
E-mail: chadlock@bentley.edu

Charles Hadlock graduated from Providence College in 1967 and completed his PhD at the University of Illinois in 1970, specializing in applied mathematics. He began a teaching career, first at Amherst College and later at Bowdoin College, but decided to enter the business world to learn more about the use of mathematics to solve real-world problems. He joined the consulting firm of Arthur D. Little in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1977, and during a thirteen year period in the consulting industry, he worked on a wide variety of problems, ranging from the reorganization of major corporations to the design of golf balls. His ongoing major focus was the investigation and follow-up to the unfolding environmental calamities of the day, including Love Canal, Bhopal, Three Mile Island, and other major cases. He has advised cabinet secretaries, senators, governors, as well major corporations and governmental agencies in the US and abroad. In 1990, he was appointed the Chair of the Mathematical Sciences Department of Bentley College, a business school just outside Boston, and later completed a term as Dean of the Undergraduate College and Associate Dean of Faculty. He now holds an interdisciplinary appointment as trustee professor and is engaged in a range of projects mostly centered on applying agent-based models to issues in business and the social sciences.

Dr. Hadlock is the author of two books published by the MAA: an award-winning Carus Monograph on Galois theory, and the text, "Mathematical Modeling in the Environment," based on his personal experience in the environmental field. He has recently edited a new MAA book, “Mathematics in Service to the Community: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in the Mathematical Sciences.” He has also taught at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia on a Fulbright appointment and has held recent visiting appointments at MIT and Wellesley College.

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