Dr. Kirk E. Jordan

Emerging Solutions Executive
Computational Science Center
IBM T.J. Watson Research
1 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA,  02142
Phone:  617-693-4581 or T/L 693-4581
E-mail: kjordan@us.ibm.com

Kirk E. Jordan is emerging solutions executive in the Computational Science Center of IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center.  Previously, he was senior program manager scientific and technical in the research center's University Relations Department, where he was involved in building research relationships between IBM and universities, particularly in the area of computational science. Before joining KSR, Jordan was computational science advisor to Thinking Machines' Marketing Group, where he was involved with the development of fast algorithms for the solution of partial differential equations that exploited the architecture of Thinking Machines' systems. While at Exxon Research and Engineering, he worked on numerical methods for the computer simulation of physical phenomena and later served as ERE's supercomputing technical coordinator. He has held a grant at Argonne National Laboratory, taught at SUNY-Oswego and Rutgers, and been active on scientific committees on supercomputer issues. Jordan's main research interests lie in the efficient use of advanced architecture computers for the numerical solution of partial differential equations arising from large-scale scientific computing problems and the visual representation of information arising from such simulations.

Industrial Strength Solutions
(A discussion of mathematics and computation in an industrial setting with a few case-history examples.)
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