Dr. Stephen P. Keeler

The Boeing Company
P. O. Box 3707, MS 42-58
Seattle, WA 98124-2207
Phone: 425-373-2656
Fax: 206-544-5012
E-mail: stephen.p.keeler@boeing.com

Steve Keeler is manager of Boeing's Applied Mathematics organization, a group of about 60 mathematicians and other scientists supporting Boeing products, conducting applied research and development, and doing consulting and software development for non-Boeing customers.  Major areas include statistics, geometric modeling, optimization, mathematical modeling, differential equations and operations research.  In the course of a year Applied Math works on roughly 150 different applications of mathematics in design, manufacturing, operations and other areas.  Steve joined Boeing after completing his doctorate in math at the University of Washington.

Getting Math Off the Ground: Applied Mathematics at Boeing Boeing's applied mathematics group works with engineers on the design and manufacture of Boeing products, conducts applied research and development, and does consulting and software development for non-Boeing customers. This talk describes the types of problems and applications we deal with and the mathematical disciplines and other skills which are important. It also deals with the special constraints that arise in an industrial setting and outlines some considerations of importance for a mathematician contemplating an industrial career.

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