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Advancement Advisory Committee (AAC)

The AAC provides the Chief Executive Officer and the Director of Development & Corporate Relations with fundraising, conference sponsorship, and related external relations advice and counsel on the strategies, tactics, and execution relating to the effective pursuit of philanthropic support.

Current Members

Current Members


Ron Buckmire
Occidental College
Tony Chan
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Amr El-Bakry
Exxonmobil Upstream Research Company
Martin Golubitsky
Ohio State University
Samuel Gubins
Annual Reviews Incorporated
Kathleen Kavanagh
Clarkson University
C. T. Kelley
North Carolina State University
Robert Krasny
University of Michigan
Randall LeVeque
University of Washington
James Nagy
Emory University

Ex Officio

Suzanne Weekes

SIAM Staff

Abby Addy

Additional Details

Operating Guidelines and Areas of Responsibility

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Review proposed fundraising plans and activities as presented by the Director of Development & Corporate Relations including fundraising revenue goals, fundraising priorities, and other outreach strategies.
  2. Advise in the preparation and maintenance of short- and long-term fundraising plans in conjunction with the long-range revenue plans for the Society.
  3. Advise and counsel as necessary and recommend actions to the Chief Executive Officer and the Director of Development & Corporate Relations, specifically in matters relating to the viability of fundraising priorities, activities, stewardship, and goals.
  4. Set Direction: Setting direction requires the Advancement Advisory Committee to look beyond the immediate horizon by developing a shared vision, articulating guiding values for SIAM’s fundraising activity, establishing major goals, and outlining strategies for achieving those goals consistent with SIAM’s overall short-term and longer-term objectives.
  5. Provide Philanthropic Resources: While the Advancement Advisory Committee itself does not have to secure the needed resources for the work of the Society, the AAC is expected to make personal annual gifts to support SIAM’s mission and assist the Society in seeking additional external funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations.


Meetings will be held as determined necessary by the committee, but at least four (4) times a year. Matters requiring immediate attention may be addressed by telephone/video conference call.


The AAC should normally have between 8 and 15 members including standing ex officio members.