SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Data Science (MDS24)

SIAM Conference

SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Data Science (MDS24)

October 21 - 25, 2024

Hilton Atlanta | Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

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From Machine Learning to Large Language Models - An Introduction

In-Person One-Day Course
October 20, 2024 | Hilton Atlanta | Atlanta, GA
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About the Conference

About the Conference


At the upcoming SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Data Science (MDS24), a diverse mix of professionals from universities, industry, government, and research labs are set to join. The conference will showcase cutting-edge research that advances mathematical, statistical, and computational methods in the context of what we do with data and how to do it better. Presentations will range from foundational theory of data science to diverse applications. A particular focus this year is on the interaction of data science with the broader society in terms of privacy, interpretability, explainability, ethics, and policies. We hope you will consider participating in MDS24 to learn, share, and discuss the latest in data science!

This is the conference of the SIAM Activity Group on Data Science.

Included Themes

Included Themes

Broad Areas

  • Mathematics of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Network science
  • Optimization and control
  • Randomized algorithms for matrices and data
  • Compressive sensing
  • li>Signal processing and information theory
  • Statistical learning theory
  • Approximation theory
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning (ML)
  • Deep learning
  • Topology and data
  • Applications of data science (DS), ML, and AI, in all fields (e.g. health, sports, education, astrophysics, chemistry, earth science, materials science, biology, bioinformatics, neuroscience, economics, engineering, banking, finance, security, privacy, materials science, and social science)

Focus Topics

  • Generative AI (theory and applications)
  • Privacy/interpretability/explainability/ethics/policy of AI, ML, and DS
  • Dimensionality reduction and reduced-order models
  • Data-driven dynamical systems
  • Matrix and tensor decompositions
  • Parallel/distributed/scalable optimization
  • Inverse problems
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Graph neural networks
  • Data visualization

Conference Committees

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Conference Sponsors

Funding Agency

SIAM and the Organizing Committee wish to extend their thanks and appreciation to the U.S. National Science Foundation and DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research for their support.

Ways to Sponsor

SIAM invites you to show support of this meeting through sponsorship opportunities ranging from support of receptions, audio-video needs, to awards for student travel, and more.

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Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our conference sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

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