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Proceedings Papers:

Fully-dynamic Weighted Matching Approximation in Practice
Eugenio Angriman, Henning Meyerhenke, Christian Schulz and Bora Ucar

Efficient signed backward substitution for piecewise affine functions via path problems in a directed acyclic graph
Torsten Bosse, Ralf Seidler and H. Martin Buecker

The Quantile Matching Problem and Point Cloud Registration
Stephane Chretien, Oya Ekin Karasan, Ecenur Oguz and Mustafa C. Pinar

Parameterized algorithms for identifying gene co-expression modules via weighted clique decomposition
Madison Cooley, Casey Green, Davis Issac, Milton Pividori and Blair Sullivan

A Message-Driven, Multi-GPU Parallel Sparse Triangular Solver
Nan Ding, Yang Liu, Samuel Williams and Xiaoye Li

The Traveling Firefighter Problem
Majid Farhadi, Alejandro Toriello and Prasad Tetali

A Parallel Approximation Algorithm for Maximizing Submodular b-matching
S M Ferdous, Alex Pothen, Arif Khan, Ajay Panyala and Mahantesh Halappanavar

A Dynamic Program for Computing the Joint Cumulative Distribution Function of Order Statistics
Rigel Galgana

An Efficient Long-Read to Long-Read Aligner and Overlapper
Giulia Guidi, Marquita Ellis, Daniel Rokhsar, Katherine Yelick and Aydın Buluç

Fairmandering: A column generation heuristic for fairness-optimized political districting
Wes Gurnee and David Shmoys

Faster Parallel Multiterminal Cuts
Monika Henzinger, Alexander Noe and Christian Schulz

Search and evacuation with a near majority of faulty agents
Ryan Killick, Evangelos Kranakis, Jurek Czyzowicz and Grzegorz Stachowiak

Using Predicted Weights for Ad Delivery
Thomas Lavastida, Benjamin Moseley, R Ravi and Chenyang Xu

Queues with Small Advice
Michael Mitzenmacher

On the Request-Trip-Vehicle Assignment Problem
Juan Carlos Martinez Mori and Samitha Samaranayake

Improving Tug-of-War sketch using Control-Variates method
Rameshwar Pratap, Bhisham Dev Verma and Raghav Kulkarni

On the Difference between Search Space Size and Query Complexity in Contraction Hierarchies
Claudius Proissl and Tobias Rupp

Parallel Clique Counting and Peeling Algorithms
Jessica Shi, Laxman Dhulipala and Julian Shun

Efficient Parallel Sparse Symmetric Tucker Decomposition for High-Order Tensors
Shruti Shivakumar, Jiajia Li, Ramakrishnan Kannan and Srinivas Aluru

Non-monotone Adaptive Submodular Meta-Learning
Shaojie Tang and Jing Yuan

Multidimensional Included and Excluded Sums
Helen Xu, Sean Fraser and Charles Leiserson

Oral Presentation:

Augmented Sparsifiers for Generalized Hypergraph Cuts
Austin Benson, Jon Kleinberg and Nate Veldt

Sphynx: A parallel multi-GPU graph partitioner
Erik G. Boman, Seher Acer, Christian Glusa and Siva Rajamanickam

A metric on directed graph nodes based on hitting probabilities
Zachary Boyd, Nicolas Fraiman, Jeremy Marzuola, Peter Mucha, Braxton Osting and Jonathan Weare

An analysis on the accuracy of Chung-Lu random graph generation
Christopher Brissette and George Slota

RCHOL: Randomized Cholesky Factorization for Solving SDD Linear Systems
Chao Chen, Tianyu Liang and George Biros

Algorithmic techniques for finding resistance distances on structured graphs with an application to linear 2--trees
Emily Evans and Amanda Francis

Local Hyper-flow Diffusion
Kimon Fountoulakis, Pan Li and Shenghao Yang

Jacobian Sparsity Detection using Bloom Filters
Paul Hovland

Shared-memory implementation of the Karp-Sipser kernelization process
Johannes Langguth, Ioannis Panagiotas and Bora Ucar

Optimal Portfolio Execution in a Regime-switching Market with Non-linear Impact Costs: Combining Dynamic Program and Neural Network
Xiaoyue Li and John Mulvey

ELRUNA : Elimination Rule-based Network Alignment
Zirou Qiu, Ruslan Shaydulin, Xiaoyuan Liu, Yuri Alexeev, Christopher Henry and Ilya Safro

Binary Level-Set method for Variational Implicit Solvation Model
Zirui Zhang, Clarisse Ricci, Chao Fan, Li-Tien Cheng, Bo Li and Andrew McCammon

Poster Presentation:

Robust Problems in General Norms
Marek Adamczyk, Krzysztof Fleszar, Marcin Mucha and Piotr Sankowski

Three Families of Optimization Problems related to Network Centrality
Eugenio Angriman, Alexander van der Grinten, Maria Predari and Henning Meyerhenke

Theoretical Study of DenseNet Scheduling on Heterogeneous System Architecture
Yu-Che Cheng, Pangfeng Liu and Jan-Jan Wu

Parallel Nearest Neighbors in Low Dimensions with Batch Updates
Magdalen Dobson and Guy Blelloch

A Framework for Efficient Line Graph Computation for Hypergraphs
Xu Tony Liu, Jesun Firoz, Andrew Lumsdaine, Cliff Joslyn, Brenda Praggastis and Assefaw Gebremedhin

MTK: A composable graph transformation system for equation-based modeling
Yingbo Ma, Shashi Gowda, Ranjan Anantharaman, Christopher Laughman, Viral B. Shah and Christopher Rackauckas

Classifying E-commerce Product Listings using Word Co-occurrence Graphs
Ashirbad Mishra, Shad Kirmani and Kamesh Madduri

A Dynamic Programming Heuristic for Dense Hessian Chain Bracketing
Uwe Naumann and Shubhaditya Burela

Spectral Hypergraph Partitioning Revisited
Bodhisatta Pramanik and Ioannis Koutis

Fast tree-based algorithms for DBSCAN on GPUs
Andrey Prokopenko, Damien Lebrun-Grandie and Daniel Arndt

Temporal Analysis of Epidemiology indicators and Air Travel Data for Covid-19
Sumit Purohit, Filipp Shelobolin, Lawrance B Holder and George Chin

Scalable Approaches to Selecting Key Entities in Networked Infrastructure Systems
Arun Sathanur and Arif Khan

Analytic Expression for Solutions to Quadratic Programming
Alexander Shkolnik and Alex Bernstein

Towards Better Renyi Entropy Estimation
Maciej Skorski

Conditional Preconditioning
Sandor Szabo and Bogdan Zavalnij

Linear-time Algorithms for Edge Clique Cover of Graphs with Bounded Degeneracy
Ahammed Ullah, Alex Pothen, Sayan Ghosh and Mahantesh Halappanavar