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Paper titles and author information appears as submitted.

Paper title and author changes will not be made to this page. The online program will reflect the most up-to-date presentation details, and is scheduled for posting in November.

Multilevel Acyclic Hypergraph Partitioning
Merten Popp, Sebastian Schlag, Christian Schulz and Daniel Seemaier

Boosting Data Reduction for the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem Using Increasing Transformations
Alexander Gellner, Sebastian Lamm, Christian Schulz, Darren Strash and Bogdan Zaválnij

Engineering Data Reduction for Nested Dissection
Wolfgang Ost, Christian Schulz and Darren Strash

A "learned" approach to quicken and compress rank/select dictionaries
Antonio Boffa, Paolo Ferragina and Giorgio Vinciguerra

Scalable Shared-Memory Hypergraph Partitioning
Lars Gottesbüren, Tobias Heuer, Peter Sanders and Sebastian Schlag

Computation of Large r Asymptotics of 3-Manifold Quantum Invariants
Owen Rouillé and Clément Maria

Streaming Set Cover in Practice: Non-Greedy Works!
Michael Barlow Christian Konrad and Charana Nandasena

Fully Dynamic k-Center Clustering in Low Dimensional Metrics
Gramoz Goranci, Monika Henzinger, Dariusz Leniowski, Christian Schulz and Alexander Svozil

Engineering a Fast Probabilistic Isomorphism Test
Markus Anders and Pascal Schweitzer

Group Harmonic and Group Closeness Maximization - Approximation and Engineering
Eugenio Angriman, Ruben Becker, Gianlorenzo D'Angelo, Hugo Gilbert, Alexander van der Grinten and Henning Meyerhenke

SAT-and-Reduce for Vertex Cover: Accelerating Branch-and-Reduce by SAT Solving
Rick Plachetta and Alexander van der Grinten

Fast, Exact and Scalable Dynamic Ridesharing
Valentin Buchhold, Peter Sanders and Dorothea Wagner

A Parallel Packed Memory Array to Store Dynamic Graphs
Brian Wheatman and Helen Xu

Fast Minimal Presentations of Bi-graded Persistence Modules
Michael Kerber and Alexander Rolle

PFP Compressed Suffix Trees
Christina Boucher, Ondrej Cvacho, Travis Gagie, Jan Holub, Giovanni Manzini, Gonzalo Navarro and Massimiliano Rossi

An Experimental Study of Algorithms for Computing the Edge Connectivity of a Directed Graph
Loukas Georgiadis, Dionysiοs Kefallinos, Nikos Parotsidis and Luigi Laura