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Your donation helps SIAM carry out our mission to advance the application of mathematics to science and industry and to promote research in applied mathematics and computational science. SIAM is dedicated to serving this mission worldwide and to ensuring the health of our discipline. Through our donation options, you are free to designate your gift to a specific SIAM program or give to our general fund.

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James Crowley Endowed Fund for Student Support

This new fund will benefit students around the globe by supporting SIAM Student Chapters, student travel awards to SIAM Conferences, SIAM career fairs, scholarship opportunities, new student programming, and more.

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Your Support

Your support helps SIAM:

  • Strengthen and enhance the global landscape of applied mathematics and computational science through strategic international initiatives
  • Foster productive networking, collaboration, mentorship and recognition opportunities leading to invaluable career advancement for members and innovative research cooperation
  • Increase student interest and awareness of STEM-related careers through resources and information
  • Promote the discipline by recognizing and publicizing important developments and novel applications in the field
  • Further engage people from underrepresented groups in STEM fields
  • Maintain a presence in Washington, D.C., where we work with policymakers and actively advocate for science funding while also keeping our membership aware and knowledgeable on policy issues

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Ways to Give

Each year, donors will be recognized in SIAM News and in our Annual Meeting program.


Don’t want to bother with snail mail? No problem! Donate with your credit card online.

Cash or Check
Cash or Check

Please make checks payable to The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and send to our office. If you're donating in honor of someone or sponsoring a specific project, please write that in the memo of your check.

Membership&nbsp;<br> Renewal

Simply check the “donate” box when you’re going through the online renewal process and make your donation while renewing your SIAM membership!

Stocks, Securities, or Other Assets
Stocks, Securities, or Other Assets

We're able to accept donations in the form of stocks, securities, or other assets like personal property and royalties, which may have favorable tax benefits to you.

Real Estate
Real Estate

SIAM considers gifts of real property on a case-by-case basis in accordance with its gift policies. Such donations may include residences, vacation homes, business or commercial property (developed or undeveloped).

Tribute Giving
Tribute Giving

Family members, friends, and colleagues can be honored or remembered with a tribute gift. Such gifts are an expression of respect and goodwill that greatly benefit the mathematics community.

Company Match
Company Match

Millions of individuals work for companies that will match their charitable contributions. Talk to your employer about their matching gift policy today.

Contributions at Work

International Footprint

With more than one third of members residing outside of the United States, student chapters in 23+ countries, and conferences all over the world, we set our focus on strengthening and enhancing the global landscape of applied mathematics and computational science. We are proud to maintain several reciprocal partnerships worldwide, an active outreach membership program, and work with leaders from around the world.

Careers & Collaboration

Career fairs, job and internship boards, and other professional development tools and resources help our members land jobs in industry, labs, and academia worldwide. We also host meetings to foster productive networking, collaboration, mentorship and recognition opportunities that lead to invaluable connections and cooperation for our members. The SIAM Prize and Awards Program and highly regarded Fellows Program further the advancement of our members and community at large.


SIAM takes a focused approach to increasing student awareness and success in STEM-related careers and education by igniting interest in these fields and offering students a tangible platform to share their research and work. We provide $150,000+ in student travel awards annually to enable students to attend our meetings, where they participate in panels, poster sessions, and more. In the past, support from our community has helped SIAM create special programs, like the Gene Golub SIAM Summer School, created in 2010 by an individual endowment and funding an annual 1-2 week long school for graduate students in mathematical sciences. With a focus on the education pipeline, we’ve invested in educational math modeling resources for K-12 educators, and organize the MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge, a high school modeling competition supported by MathWorks.

Thought Leadership

As leaders in this field, it is our duty to promote the disciplines of applied math and computational science by recognizing and publicizing important developments and novel applications. We do this in part through the SIAM Prize and Awards Program, which publicly recognizes significant contributions to the field, but also through disseminating relevant information through our communication channels, like SIAM News, and even more broadly to the general public.


As an international organization, SIAM sees diversity in this field as a priority. That’s why we established a Diversity Advisory Committee which focuses on engaging people of all backgrounds in STEM fields. We put this priority into practice through our annual Workshop Celebrating Diversity, plus prizes highlighting significant contributions of minorities in applied or computational mathematics, and aim to extend this work with our outreach membership program, which provides discounted memberships to people in developing nations.


The SIAM Committee on Science Policy has a continued presence in Washington, DC, where we work with policymakers and actively advocate for science funding while also keeping our membership aware and knowledgeable on relevant policy issues. We are proud to write white papers in collaboration with other organizations, and to be highly involved in the national discussion about STEM education. Recently we started to examine advocacy at a global level and plan to continue this expansion.