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SIAM Activity Group on Data Science

The purpose of this activity group is to advance the mathematical, statistical and computational foundations of data science, and to pursue applications of data science to other fields of science and across technology and society.

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SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM23)

April 27 - 29, 2023
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
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Related topics and applications:

mathematical foundations of data science, foundational algorithms for data science, statistical inference, applied probability, machine learning, optimization and control, data mining, theoretical computer science, deep learning, signal processing, information theory, imaging science, scalable algorithms and implementations for big data, numerical analysis, dynamical systems, high-dimensional approximation, linear algebra, network science, applications of data science in the natural sciences, engineering, business, internet technology, finance, security, health, and social sciences

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Activity Group Archives

Activity Group Archives


Chair: Hans De Sterck
Vice Chair: Gitta Kutyniok
Program Director: Karen Wilcox
Secretary: Danai Koutra

Officers of the SIAM Activity Group on Data Mining and Analytics


Chair: Ali Pinar
Vice Chair: Hans De Sterck
Program Director: Danai Koutra
Secretary: Jiliang Tang


Chair: Jeremy Kepner
Vice Chair: Jaideep Vaidya
Program Director: Wagner Meira
Secretary: Danai Koutra


Chair: Zoran Obradovic
Vice Chair: Jeremy Kepner
Program Director: Takashi Washio
Secretary: Kirk Borne


Chair: Chandrika Kamath
Vice Chair: Charu Aggarwal
Program Director: Takashi Washio
Secretary: Michael Mahoney