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SIAM Activity Group on Dynamical Systems

This activity group provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between mathematicians and applied scientists whose work involves dynamical systems. The goal of this group is to facilitate the development and application of new theory and methods of dynamical systems. The techniques in this area are making major contributions in many areas, including biology, nonlinear optics, fluids, chemistry, and mechanics.

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Related topics and applications:

biology, nonlinear optics, finance, fluids, chemistry, physics, and mechanics

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By the Numbers

Activity Group Archives

Activity Group Archives


Chair: Mason Porter
Vice Chair: Emily Stone
Program Director: Claire Postlethwaite
Secretary: Zachary Kilpatrick
Advisory Board
George Haller
Peter William Bates
Ulrike Feudel
Shane Ross
Ana Maria Mancho


Chair: Emily Stone
Vice Chair: Andrew Bernoff
Program Director: Margaret Beck
Secretary: Robert Marangell
Advisory Board
Elizabeth Bradley
Barbara Gentz
Aric Hagberg
Christian Kuehn
Yasumasa Nishiura


Chair: Andrew Bernoff
Vice Chair: Ira Schwartz
Program Director: Mason Porter
Secretary: Anna Ghazaryan
Advisory Board
Elizabeth Cherry
Barbara Gentz
Joceline Lega
Johnathan E. Rubin
Jean-Luc Thiffeault


Chair: Mary Silber
Vice Chair: Vivien Kirk
Program Director: Evelyn Sander
Secretary: Mason Porter
Advisory Board
Dwight Barkley
Emily Stone
Igor Mezic
Hinke Osinga
Peter van Heijster


Chair: Timothy Saue
Vice Chair: Vivi Rottschafer
Program Director: Lora Billings
Secretary and DSWeb Magazine Chief Editor: Elizabeth Cherry
DSWeb Portal Editor-in-Chief: Peter van Heijster
Advisory Board
Danielle Bassett
Janet A. Best
Wolf-Jurgen Beyn
Tasso J. Kaper
Chad M. Topaz


Chair: Hans Kaper
Vice Chair: Mariana Haragus
Program Director: Charles Doering
Secretary and DSWeb Magazine Chief Editor: Lennaert van Veen
DSWeb Portal Editor-in-Chief: Peter van Heijster
DSWeb Magazine Managing Editor: Kresimir Josic
Advisory Board
Victoria Booth
Lucy Campbell
Jonathan Dawes
Konstantin Mischaikow
Tere Seara


Chair: Alan Champneys
Vice Chair: Steven Shaw
Program Director: Vivien Kirk
Secretary: Jens Rademacher
DSWeb Editor-in-Chief: Lennaert van Veen
DSWeb Portal Editor: Kresimir Josic
Advisory Board
Lora Billings
Claire Postlethwaite
Tim Sauer
Eric Shea-Brown
Martin Wechselberger


Chair: Mary Lou Zeeman
Vice Chair: Arjen Doelman
Program Director: Jeffrey Moehlis
Secretary: Evelyn Sander
DSWeb Editor-in-Chief: Evelyn Sander
DSWeb Portal Editor: Martin Wechselberger
Advisory Board
Christopher Jones
Bernd Krauskopf
Konstantin Mischaikow
Mary Pugh
Harry Swinney


Chair: Philip Holmes
Vice Chair: Mary Silber
Program Director: Sue Ann Campbell
Secretary: Hinke Osinga
DSWeb Editor-in-Chief: Hinke Osinga
Advisory Board
Bard Ermentrout
Yannis Kevrekidis
Ed Ott
Steve Strogatz
Mary Lou Zeeman


Chair: John Guckenheimer
Vice Chair: Mark Levi
Program Director: Björn Sandstede
Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Ghrist
DSWeb Editor: Hinke Osinga
Advisory Board
Peter Constantin
Edgar Knobloch
Ken Showalter
Andrew Stuart
Lai-Sang Young

November 2001 - October 2003

Chair: David McLaughlin
Advisory Board:
Neil Balmforth
Eric J. Kostelich
Vered Rom-Kedar
Mary Silber
Edriss S. Titi

November 1999 - October 2001

Chair: Martin Golubitsky
Vice Chair: Timothy D. Sauer
Secretary: Charlie Doering
Program Director: Eric J. Kostelich
Advisory Board:
John J. Mallet-Paret
Edward Ott
Emily F. Stone
Harry Swinney
David Terman

July 1990 - December 1992

Chair: Sheldon Newhouse
Vice Chair: Harry L. Swinney
Program Director: Peter Bates
Secretary: Christopher Jones
Treasurer: Michael F. Schlesinger

January 1988 - June 1990

Chair: Henry D. I. Abarbanel
Vice Chair: Harry L. Swinney
Secretary: Celso Grebogi
Treasurer: James M (Mac) Hyman
Program Director: vacant