SIAM Activity Group on Mathematics of Planet Earth

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SIAM Activity Group on Mathematics of Planet Earth

SIAG/MPE is for mathematicians and computational scientists who care about the future of our planet. We are a multidisciplinary activity group studying Earth's climate system and the effects of climate change; issues of resilience, sustainability, and biodiversity; and the impact of human activities on the environment.

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SIAG/MPE studies Planet Earth, its life-supporting capacity, and the impact of human activities. Topics of interest include weather and climate, the carbon cycle, mathematical ecology, land use, food security, urban infrastructure, energy, water, transportation, the spread of infectious diseases, ecosystem services, extreme events, invasive species, natural disasters, and issues of vulnerability and resilience.

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Activity Group Archives

Activity Group Archives

2021 - 2022

Chair: Katherine Evans
Vice Chair: Carrie Anna Manore
Program Director: Jessica Matthews
Secretary: Olga Vasilieva

2019 - 2020

Chair: Lea Jenkins
Vice Chair: Arjen Doelman
Program Director: George Gottwald
Secretary: Beth Wingate

2017 - 2018

Chair: Hans Engler
Vice Chair: Kathleen Kavanagh
Program Director: Eleanor W. Jenkins
Secretary: Pedro Gajardo

2015 - 2016

Chair: Hans G. Kaper
Vice Chair: Mary Lou Zeeman
Program Director: Hans Engler
Secretary: Antonios Zagaris