Student Membership

Student Membership

For full-time students, you're eligible for free or deeply discounted memberships, plus other added benefits!

Why Join?


Meet professionals from major research institutions and corporations, and network with peers and faculty through SIAM programs and conferences


Increased visibility in the applied mathematics and computational science communities


Access to cutting edge research


Resources for identifying and developing career options in applied and computational math


Membership may be considered in applications for SIAM Student Travel Awards to attend a SIAM conference, if all other qualifications among candidates are equal

Who's Eligible

Any full-time student attending a college or university studying mathematics, engineering, computer science, physical science, or who uses mathematics or computational methods in any field of study, is eligible to become a Student Member of SIAM.

There are plenty of opportunities for students to join SIAM for free. Even if you don't qualify for a free membership, as a student you pay only $25 and receive all the benefits of membership plus more.

Student Membership Benefits

What You Get

  • Free membership in two SIAM activity groups
  • Subscription to SIAM News
  • Subscription to SIAM Review
    • Free student members get electronic access only
    • Deeply discounted student rates include print and electronic access
  • 30% discount on all SIAM books
  • Eligibility to hold office and serve on SIAM committees
  • 80% discount on up to four (4) subscriptions to SIAM journals in print and any number of electronic journals
  • 95% discount on electronic access to current content and archives for all 13 journals
  • Students paying the discounted rate are eligible to vote in SIAM elections.
  • Eligibility for greatly-reduced SIAM conference registration rates (up to 85% discount off non-member fee) 

All students, regardless of SIAM membership status, can start a SIAM student chapter on their campus.

Free Student Memberships

Benefits of free student membership are the same as for regular student members, except free student members are not eligible to vote in SIAM elections and receive SIAM Review only in electronic format. How to join:

SIAM Student Chapter

Members of SIAM student chapters are eligible to receive free student memberships. Chapter members can join online or complete an application form.

Find Your Chapter

Academic Member

Graduate students (Master's and Ph.D. candidates) attending a SIAM Academic Member Institution can join SIAM for free. These memberships can be renewed for up to six years as long as the member remains a student at an eligible school.


Get Nominated

Any SIAM Regular Member in good standing can nominate up to two students per year for membership to SIAM. it's quick, easy, and could change your student's future.

Nominate a Student