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SIAM Activity Group on Life Sciences Early Career Prize

Established in 2016, the prize is awarded to an individual in their early career for research contributions in the field of mathematics applied to the life sciences.

Next Call for Nominations Opens: May 1, 2025

Prize Description

Prize Description

The SIAM Activity Group on Life Sciences Early Career Prize (SIAG/LS Early Career Prize) is awarded every two years to one individual in their early career, in the field of mathematics applied to the life sciences, for distinguished contributions to the field in the three calendar years prior to the award year.

Eligibility Criteria

The nominee's work must be a significant research contribution to biomathematics. At least one of the papers containing this work must be published in English in a peer-reviewed journal or conference proceedings bearing a publication date within the three calendar years prior to the year of the award. Moreover, either the recipient must be a graduate student or the paper’s publication date must be no more than three (3) calendar years later than the year in which the author received the Ph.D. or equivalent degree. The overlap in publication eligibility periods is intended to ensure that no candidate will fail to be considered due to the nomination deadline. The committee may consider exceptions to the three-years after Ph.D. rule, for career interruptions or delays occurring, e.g., for child bearing, child rearing, or elder care. The award can be received only once in a lifetime.

For the 2026 award, the paper must have been published between the dates of January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2025 The candidate must have been awarded their Ph.D. no earlier than 2020 or be a current graduate student.

Required Materials

  • Nominator’s letter of recommendation for candidate
  • Candidate's CV
  • Bibliographic citation for candidate’s key contributing paper
  • Two or three letters of support from experts in the field

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the 2024 recipient, Adrianne Jenner! Learn more about her accomplishments.

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Prize Information

Prize Details

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Selection Committee

About the Award

About the SIAM Activity Group on Life Sciences Early Career Prize

The SIAG/LS Early Career Prize includes of a certificate containing the citation. As part of the award, the recipient will be invited to give a brief plenary talk at the conference. SIAM will reimburse the recipient for reasonable travel expenses incurred in giving the talk.

Award Date

The prize will next be awarded in 2026 at the SIAM Conference on Life Sciences.

Award Presentation

The Chair of the SIAM Activity Group on Life Sciences and the Chair of the Prize Committee will announce the award at the SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences and present the award to the recipient. An announcement of the award will appear in SIAM News, and on the activity group's website and newsletter.

Prize History

Prize History

Selection Committee

Rebecca Tyson (Chair)
Carolyn Cho
Alicia Dickenstein
Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem
Kyle Wedgwood

Selection Committee

Denise Kirschner (Chair)
Mark Lewis
Sharon Lubkin
Cheng Ly
Helen Moore

Selection Committee

Linda Allen (Chair)
Elizabeth Cherry
Carson Chow
Karin Leiderman
Mark Nelson

Selection Committee

Paul Atzberger (Chair)
Nathan Baker
Casey Diekman
Maria D’Orsogna
Laura Miller


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