Class of 2020

Class of 2020

SIAM Fellows Program. Honor SIAM members who are recognized by their peers as distinguished for their contributions to the discipline. Help make outstanding SIAM members more competitive for awards and honors when they are being compared with colleagues from other disciplines.

Srinivas Aluru | Georgia Institute of Technology

For contributions to sequential and parallel discrete algorithms in computational genomics, and leadership in data science and engineering.

Steven Ashby | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

For exemplary scientific leadership, outstanding service to SIAM, and important contributions to the field of computational science.

John P. Boyd | University of Michigan

For contributions to geophysical fluid dynamics, Chebyshev polynomial and Fourier spectral methods, and nonlinear waves.

Richard Byrd | University of Colorado Boulder

For fundamental contributions to the theory and algorithms for nonlinear optimization.

Ümit V. Çatalyürek | Georgia Institute of Technology

For contributions to high-performance and parallel algorithms and to combinatorial scientific computing.

David Colton | University of Delaware

For fundamental contributions to acoustic and electromagnetic scattering theory, and inverse problems in wave phenomena.

Jorge Cortes | University of California San Diego

For contributions to the control and optimization of network systems.

George Cybenko | Dartmouth College

For contributions to theory and algorithms in signal processing, artificial neural networks, and distributed computing systems.

Alicia Dickenstein | Universidad de Buenos Aires and CONICET

For contributions to algebraic geometry and its applications within geometric modeling and in the study of biochemical reaction networks.

Yalchin Efendiev | Texas A&M University

For fundamental contributions in developing innovative multiscale analysis and computations with applications to subsurface modeling and geosciences.

Martin J. Gander | Université de Genève

For contributions to domain decomposition and time parallel methods.

David M. Gay | AMPL Optimization, Inc

For fundamental contributions to optimization theory, modeling languages, and other software tools.

Laura Grigori | Inria

For contributions to numerical linear algebra, including communication-avoiding algorithms.

George Haller | ETH Zürich

For contributions to applied dynamical systems including the theory of Lagrangian coherent structures.

Alfred Hero | University of Michigan

For contributions to the mathematical foundations of signal processing and data science.

Kristin E. Lauter | Microsoft Research

For the development of practical cryptography and for leadership in the mathematical community.

Knut-Andreas Lie | SINTEF

For contributions to the advancement of mathematics within the geosciences, multiscale and operator-splitting numerical methods, and open-source software tools.

Robert Lipton | Louisiana State University

For contributions to the mathematics of materials and their translation to engineering applications.

Yi Ma | University of California, Berkeley

For contributions to the theory and algorithms for low-dimensional models and their applications in computer vision and image processing.

Kavita Ramanan | Brown University

For contributions to constrained and reflected processes and stochastic networks.

Olaf Schenk | Università della Svizzera italiana

For advances in the development of robust parallel sparse matrix algorithms and their effective use in large-scale science and engineering applications.

Jie Shen | Purdue University

For fundamental contributions to spectral methods and applications, including pioneering algorithms in computational fluids dynamics and materials science.

Ronnie Sircar | Princeton University

For contributions to financial mathematics and asymptotic methods for stochastic control and differential games.

Aravind Srinivasan | University of Maryland College Park

For contributions to randomized algorithms and probablistic methods with applications to network and computational science.

Defeng Sun | Hong Kong Polytechnic University

For contributions to algorithms and software for conic optimization, particularly matrix optimization.

Ruth J. Williams | University of California San Diego

For contributions to the study of stochastic processes and their applications.

Barbara Wohlmuth | Technische Universität München

For sustained seminal contributions to the field of numerical mathematics and for exemplary leadership and service to the computational science community.

Pingwen Zhang | Peking University

For contributions in complex fluids modeling, multiscale analysis, and adaptive grid computation.