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Julian Cole Lectureship

The prize was established in 1999 in memory of Julian D. Cole and his work in mathematical applications to aerodynamics. It is awarded for the application of mathematical methods or the mathematical solution of a challenging problem in engineering or the physical or biological sciences.

Next Call for Nominations Opens: May 1, 2025

Prize Description

Prize Description

The Julian Cole Lectureship is awarded every four years to one individual for an outstanding contribution to the mathematical characterization and solution of a challenging problem in the physical or biological sciences, or in engineering, or for the development of mathematical methods for the solution of such problems.

Eligibility Criteria

The lectureship may be awarded to any member of the scientific or engineering community.

Required Materials

  • Nominator’s letter of recommendation for candidate
  • Candidate’s CV
  • Two or three letters of support from experts in the field

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the 2022 recipient, Michael J. Ward! Read more about his accomplishments.

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Prize Details

Prize Details

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Selection Committee

About the Award

About the Julian Cole Lectureship

The Julian Cole Lectureship award includes a $2,000 monetary prize and a certificate. A lecture is requested and will be publicized in meeting announcements. SIAM will reimburse the recipient for reasonable travel expenses incurred in attending the award ceremony and giving the lecture.

Award Date

The Julian Cole Lectureship will next be awarded at the 2026 SIAM Annual Meeting.

Award Presentation

The prize will be presented by the SIAM President at the Prizes and Awards Luncheon. The announcement of the award will appear in SIAM News, the SIAM website and appropriate electronic media.

Award Fund

The initial funds for this award are contributed by the students, friends, colleagues, and family of Julian Cole.

Prize History

Prize History


The 2022 Julian Cole Lectureship is awarded to Michael J. Ward for his seminal and wide-ranging contributions to the development and application of singular perturbation methods effectivein the analysis of spatially localized structures in nonlinear PDEs.

Selection Committee

John R. King (Chair)
Trachette Jackson
Michael J. Miksis


The 2018 Julian Cole Lectureship is awarded to L. Pamela Cook for her comprehensive mathematical modeling of the structure and dynamics of worm-like micellar solutions. Developed in close collaboration with experiment, this work has had broad influence and application in both industry and the academy, and sets a standard for modeling such multi-component systems.

Selection Committee

Michael Shelley (Chair)
Anette Hosoi
John R. King


The 2014 Julian D. Cole Lectureship is awarded to John Lowengrub in recognition of his seminal contributions to fluid dynamics, materials science, and computational biology through the development of mathematical models, computational methods, and numerical simulations of free-boundary problems and tumor growth.

Selection Committee

M. Gregory Forest (Chair)
Suzanne Lenhart
Michael Shelley

Selection Committee

Mark H Holmes (Chair)
S. Jon Chapman

Barbara A. Wagner

Selection Committee

Robert E. O'Malley Jr. (Chair)
Mark H. Holmes
Eitan A. Tadmor

Selection Committee

Hirsh Cohen (Chair)
Pam Cook
Robert E. O'Malley Jr.


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