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Theodore von Kármán Prize

This prize was established in 1968 to commemorate Theodore von Kármán and his work in aerodynamics. It is awarded every five years for a notable application of mathematics to mechanics or engineering in the five to ten years preceding the award.

Call for Nominations Opens: May 1, 2023

Prize Description

Prize Description

The Theodore von Kármán Prize is awarded for a notable application of mathematics to mechanics and/or the engineering sciences made during the five to ten years preceding the award. The award may be given for a significant achievement by one individual or a significant body of work that could have been produced by multiple contributors.

Eligibility Criteria

There are no restrictions on eligibility beyond those specified in the prize description. Preference will be given to a SIAM member.

Required Materials

  • Nominator’s letter of recommendation for candidate
  • Candidate’s CV
  • Two or three letters of support from experts in the field

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Kaushik Bhattacharya, the 2020 Theodore von Kármán Prize winner! Learn more about his accomplishments.

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Prize Details

Prize Details

Read the full prize specifications.

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Nomination Deadline Calendar

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Selection Committee

About the Award

About the Theodore von Kármán Prize

The Theodore von Kármán Prize includes a $2,000 monetary award and a certificate. A lecture is requested and is to be publicized in meeting announcements. SIAM will reimburse the recipient for reasonable travel expenses incurred in attending the award ceremony and giving the lecture.

Award Date

The Theodore von Kármán Prize will next be awarded in July 2024 at the SIAM Annual Meeting.

Award Presentation

The prize will be presented by the SIAM President at the Prizes and Awards Luncheon. The announcement of the award will appear in SIAM News, the SIAM website, and appropriate electronic media.

Award Fund

The initial funds for this prize were contributed by friends, colleagues, and students of Theodore von Kármán.

Prize History

Prize History

Selection Committee

L. Pamela Cook (Chair)
Phillip Colella
Fabio Nobile

Selection Committee

Felix Otto (Chair)
David Kinderlehrer
Mary F. Wheeler

Selection Committee

Charles Doering (Chair)
Clint Dawson
Charbel Farhat

Selection Committee

J. Tinsley Oden (Chair)
Thomas R. J. Hughes
Richard James

Selection Committee

Jerrold E. Marsden (Chair)
Philippe Ciarlet
Joseph B. Keller

Selection Committee

Julian D. Cole (Chair)
Stuart S. Antman

Selection Committee

Marshall P. Tulin (Chair)
Hirsh Cohen
Julian D. Cole

Selection Committee

Joseph B. Keller (Chair)
George F. Carrier
Marshall P. Tulin

1979 George F. Carrier and Joseph B. Keller

Selection Committee

Richard C. DiPrima (Chair)
Julian D. Cole
Herbert B. Keller

1972 Sir Geoffrey Taylor

Selection Committee

George F. Carrier (Chair)
Lester Lees
C.C. Li


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