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Get 30% off the list price of SIAM books, a liberal return policy, and possible extended credit with SIAM when you become a bookseller or agent.

Information for Booksellers and Agents

We published our first book more than 50 years ago, and since then have published hundreds of titles on a variety of topics related to applied mathematics and computational science. If you have a client base of individuals interested in scientific, technical, or mathematical publications, your store should be offering SIAM Books to your customers.

Of the many titles we publish each year, the SIAM Publications Director will select specific titles to recommend to you — ones we believe have the best potential for sales in bookstores. Of course, we encourage you to browse our online bookstore for additional information and complete tables of contents for all available SIAM books.

If you are not yet a SIAM bookstore and want to reap these benefits, download the Application for Book Agent Status and return it to SIAM.