Books for Librarians

For Librarians

SIAM books are a leading source of knowledge for the applied mathematics and computational science communities. For more than 50 years, titles by renowned authors on timely and fundamental topics have made SIAM books indispensable to researchers, faculty, and students around the world.

SIAM e-books: Ease of Access

SIAM e-books: Ease of Access

The SIAM e-books program will benefit the users at your institution.

  • Universal: stored in PDF files, readable on all browsers and computers
  • Convenient: viewable by chapter and searchable by keyword and chapter heading
  • Secure: hosted on the same platform as SIAM journals
  • Innovative: easily cross-searched with SIAM journals by readers and researchers

The SIAM e-book library of almost 500 books is available for institutions to offer to their users electronically, via purchase or subscription. Access almost every title in SIAM's 16 book series. The collection will continue to grow year after year. Please read our FAQs and contact us so your users can access SIAM e-books as soon as possible.

Our Plans

Our Plans

Option A: Perpetual Access Purchase

Includes perpetual access to books published in 2019 plus access to back titles.

Perpetual Access Rates
SIAM Academic or Corporate Member one-time fee: $21,344.00
Other universities and organizations one-time fee: $26,680.00
Annual maintenance fee in future years (see below): $300.00

  1. To continue to have perpetual access to books referenced above in future years via Literatum, click here to access the e-books, the customer must:
    • Pay $300 annual maintenance fee each year after 2019 OR
    • Subscribe to at least one journal each year after 2019
  2. To add access to books published in future years to perpetual access via Literatum, the customer must purchase an add-on subscription in each future year. See Option B below. Customers retain perpetual access to any titles published during add-on subscription years.
  3. If a customer does not pay $300, does not have another journal subscription, or does not purchase an Add-on in future years, perpetual access to books published in 2019 and back titles will be available through Portico.
  4. A completed Online Agreement is required, you can find it here.
Option B: Perpetual Access Add-on

Adds perpetual access to books published in 2019 to perpetual access already purchased in 2018 or before.

Perpetual Access Add-on Rates
Add-on purchase for Academic or Corporate Member: $1,759.00
Add-on purchase for non-members: $2,199.00

Option C: Annual Access Subscription

Includes books published in 2019 plus access to back titles.

Annual Subscription Rates
SIAM Academic or Corporate Member fee for 2019: $2,368.00
Other universities and organizations fee for 2019: $2,960.00

  1. Access will expire if annual access is not renewed for 2020.
  2. If a customer does not renew annual subscription for 2020:
    • Customers can get access to books published in an annual subscription year through Portico if organization is a member of Portico or
    • Customers can pay $100 for a DVD of books published in an annual subscription year from SIAM.
  3. A completed Online Agreement is required.

Agency Discount on all prices listed above: 5% on new orders and 3% on Add-on purchases and annual subscription renewals.

Standing Orders

Standing Orders

A standing order for any SIAM book series entitles the holder to every publication with that series as soon as it becomes available plus a 20% discount. It relieves buyers of frequent order writing for individual books, while ensuring that important titles in applied and computational mathematics will be on their shelves as soon as they are available. Each standing order is treated as a pre-publication order, and is automatically discounted off list prices.

Holders of standing orders are entitled to a 20% discount off list prices. This discount will also be extended to all backlisted volumes within each series for which the holder has a standing order. An institution or individual can set up a standing order for a minimum of one copy of every book published within a series.

Email SIAM's Customer Service Department for more details or to set up a standing order in any or all SIAM book series.

MARC Records

MARC files for SIAM e-books

Help e-book users find exactly what they're looking for! Below are downloadable MARC records for SIAM e-books. As of August 15, 2013, we will be providing RDA compatible records instead of AACR2.

MARC records for full SIAM e-book collection (Posted 1/10/20):
New MARC records:

SIAM Proceedings (Posted 2/18/2020)