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Chapter Resources

Chapter Resources

Thank you for being involved with a SIAM Student Chapter! Now, we want you to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. That's why we're providing you with these resources to save you time, help keep you organized, and maybe even give you a little bit of inspiration.

Student Chapter Resources


Every chapter is required to submit an Annual Report by June 30th. Your officers will receive a link to the form to fill out when it's ready. Chapter funding will not be issued to renewing chapters who have not submitted a report for the previous year. Download the Financial Report Worksheet.

Representing Your Chapter

Rep your chapter at a SIAM Annual Meeting! Each student chapter is entitled to send one representative to SIAM's Student Days event. This person is eligible for travel funding.

Chapter Activities and Collaborations

Check out our list of chapter activities, suggestions on how to organize them, and tips for staying in touch with other chapters!

Certificates of Recognition

SIAM recognizes students for outstanding service and contributions to SIAM Student Chapters.

Student Chapter Funding

SIAM provides up to $500 per academic year for each student chapter to support guest speakers, refreshments for chapter meetings, and other activities.